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c'est moi 


c'est moi @jaquidanslanuit

With a background in the world of theater, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master of Arts in Culture, Aesthetic and Media, I combine the creation of text, (moving) images and szenarios to express my inner world. 

I really hope to realize more film projects in the future, the collaborative way and know that my biggest passion still is acting and embody different roles.


jaqui dans la nuit is French and means something like Jaqui in the night. Because I remember a lot of nights, siting in front of my diary at my desk, couldn’t sleep and tried to reflect and organize my brain. Sit there, wrote short texts, poems, to my friends and to my inner child.

I still have these nights, sleepless and with too many things in my head. 


Sharing my thoughts, doubts and love stories with the www always helped me to reflect myself. Self-portraits und creating digital diaries are part of my daily life and help me with my mental health and to process things that happened in my life. 

In addition to this, I create content for international brands and work as an influencer. Even though I often take a critical view of this commercial sector, I am still part of it and this experience made it possible to emancipate myself, to be independent and to pay the rent myself in this patriarchal industry, dominated by men. 



UDK Berlin  

Biographical-Documentary Working Methods in the context of Art



MA. of Arts Kultur Ästhetik Medien I Hochschule Düsseldorf 


Community Art Projekt: BODY MESS 2.0 - Künstlerisches Experiment und kollaborativ- partizipative Praktiken im digitalen Raum 



BA. of Arts Mehrsprachige Kommunikation (Spanish/French) I

TH Köln



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