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MORE THAN PRINTS - this is more than an online shop for prints  - this is a collaborative platform to support and empower female artists in a patriarchal industry.


Pro verkauften Print spenden wir 1€ an die Protest- und Bildungsorganisation PINKSTINKS.

Thank you so much for your support!




Marina is a photographer based In Switzerland with roots from Brazil. She is fascinated by the unpredictability and the texture of analogue photography. Her research is in the uniqueness of her subjects, which can vary from people close to her, landscapes and strangers immersed their everyday lives.

One ray of light is what is needed to show the beauty of it all.





I’m a creative project manager and producer in constant search of real stories and connections. Trying to escape the commercial world whenever I can. For me, it’s about vulnerability, sensibility, beauty. Simplicity and complexity at the same time.

Photography, and especially analog photography, turned out to be a tool that helps me capture and express the true essence of people and moments - and connect. With them, myself, the world. 





Saskia Kinast is a photographer currently based in Cologne. Through the study of

"sustainable design" she discovered photography for herself and learned to create design with meaning and added value.

Initially very shy, she grabbed her camera, ran without a plan and captured what she couldn't take her eyes off of. Despite the unknown, she followed her intuition and expanded her own comfort zone.

At MORE THAN PRINTS Saskia shows her beginnings in photography. Her first touches with the camera and the start of her way. Through her environment but, especially through people, she has become more and more comfortable and open. At that time still without people in the motif, but today it is impossible to imagine her work without them. Therefore, here is a tribute to everything before: to the beginning.

Individual beauty and diversity are themes that fascinate her and are now a big part of her work.






Since I developed my first film, something has tied me to photography.
With my camera I observe my environment and can discover it again and again and again from different angles.
With the medium of film, you are made to pause for a moment before photographing, to adjust everything and wondering, do I really want to capture this moment?
In this way I find a new way of seeing, observing and perceiving.
For me, my photos are often everyday moments that carry something special.
In my still lifes of light, water or architecture, certain emotions are shared in addition to the actual depiction.
Because waiting for these special moments of beauty motivates me to take my camera with me to something new everyday.


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